They are 12 in number:

Commission décoration – Commission animation – Commission vins – Commission sécurité & transports – Commission environnement – Commission petite restauration – Commission communication – Commission défilé – Commission religieuse – Commission partenaires banquets – Commission bénévoles – Commission logistique

Decoration Committee

The Decoration committee is working to embellish our two villages for the event respecting the three selected colors "Gold", "Ivory" and "Garnet".

In order to highlight our theme "The Arts and Wine", the two villages have been divided into thematic districts. Each district will therefore represent a different art: sculpture & dance, literature & poetry, cinema, singing, music...

More than 50 little hands participate, in a good mood, in the making of our decorations, using a maximum of recycled materials and materials. We work in the workshop every Tuesday, alternating every other week, "flower" workshops and "large structure" workshops.

Join us, we need you!

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Animation Committee

The Animation Commission is responsible for organizing and coordinating the many Saint Vincent activities, which includes the various fixed and traveling music groups that will intervene throughout the event, the craftsmen who will exhibit and will be able to sell their work. in connection with the theme of our Saint Vincent, as well as the artists (painter, sculptors etc.)

The Animation Commission is also responsible for managing the children's cellars, where snacks will be served for the little ones.

We are about fifteen people, organized into four sub-groups (Cinema, Children's Cellars, Artists and Music).

Wine Committee

The Wine Commission was created in the spring of 2019, it is made up of just over twenty people from the two villages hosting the Patron Saint of Winegrowers in 2024.

In order to perpetuate the reputation of the wines of our villages and to honor our visitors, we have been asking, since the beginning of our meetings, all the winegrowers producing wines from the climates of our two villages so that they can participate in bottle donations. . These bottles will be served in part in our tasting cellars during the Saint Vincent Tournante as well as during gala evenings.

A call for grape donations has also been launched for the 2022 vintage from all the estates that can participate and two Village Cuvées have been created, one for each village. These cuvées are being matured and can be tasted during the festive weekend.

Safety & Transport Committee

The Security Commission brings together those who act in the shadows in the management of car parks, access, rescue, search points and the safety of all... those, without whom the others cannot be at the party.
The others are the head, we are the legs!

Environment Committee

The Environment Commission is a limited commission but composed of dynamic and determined elements! She is in charge of labeling this event as an ECO-RESPONSIBLE event,  a first in the history of Saint Vincent Tournantes..

This will include, for example, the use of dry toilets only, bins made from recycled barrels, fun ashtrays and the management of waste collection by a "green" team circulating on electric bicycles.

We are counting on you to preserve our resources and our beautiful environment together. 

Small catering committee

The Small Catering Commission is made up of around ten members whose mission is to select the various associations as well as the food professionals who will offer small catering to visitors. 
We are in charge of choosing the appropriate locations to establish "Small Catering" points distributed between our two villages and of defining the specifications for the proposed catering in accordance with our "eco-responsible" charter.

Communications Committee

The Communication Commission is the company of a team diversified by its skills and by the origin of its speakers who put themselves at the service of volunteers but also of future participants. Its mission is to ensure that everyone is well informed about the preparation of the event, the course of Saint Vincent, including the means to participate and contribute to its success.

This includes designing and animating the dedicated website and social networks, drafting and distribution of press releases and a newsletter, production of communication support for our sponsor partners, management of press relations, gala evenings, the selection and sale of derivative products including the poster and the engraved glass of Saint Vincent 2024…

It wants to be modern and reactive and it is the support of all the other commissions!

Parade committee

The Parade Commission is made up of 11 volunteers, inhabitants of the villages, winegrowers, vineyard workers, active or retired, who are committed to organizing the parade down to the smallest detail which kicks off our Saint Vincent Tournante 2024.
It is at dawn and under the stars that this traditional procession begins, bringing together nearly 100 Brotherhoods of Burgundy and their Patron Saint, accompanied by the Brotherhood of Knights of Tastevin. This procession will crisscross and highlight our 2 villages, their lands and their decorations, to the sounds of musical ensembles from all walks of life...magnificent prelude to two unforgettable festive days!

Religious commission

The Saint Vincent Tournante is certainly the festival of wine and winegrowers, but it has been a tradition from the outset that draws its notoriety from the balance between the popular festival and the sacred.

This is why in order to prepare a ceremony worthy of the event, it is the responsibility of the Religious Commission to organize the religious and heritage protocol of the ceremony. For this, it is responsible for ensuring the entry of Saints and banners into churches, the flowering of churches and the choice of songs for the religious ceremony. Thus two choirs have been formed which rehearse every month until the eve of Saint Vincent 2024.

In addition, the Commission is responsible for the logistics of the reception and catering of some 30 officiants in the two villages, to which will be added the elected officials of the neighboring municipalities as well as a few V.I.P.s.


Cette commission a pour tâche de recruter l’ensemble des bénévoles qui assureront le bon déroulement de la Saint-Vincent, cette fête populaire, conviviale et festive.
Sa première mission sera de trouver entre 900 et 1000 personnes désireuses de s’investir et de permettre la réussite de cet événement.
Grâce à leur disponibilité et leur implication dans les tâches à mener, les bénévoles sont assurés de vivre une expérience humaine enrichissante et unique dans l’esprit des valeurs de la Saint-Vincent que sont le partage et la communion.

the association board

Il est  composé des 2 Co-Président(e)s, des 2 Vice-Présidents, du Trésorier,  des 2 Vice-Trésorières, d’une Secrétaire et d’une Vice-Secrétaire.

the Steering Committee

It is made up of members of the association board , commission heads, mayors and a member of the Confrérie du Tastevin.