“The Arts and Wine”…This is the theme that unites Morey-Saint-Denis with Chambolle-Musigny! Here is the hyphen that brings together all the goodwill of our two villages so that this great Burgundian festival perpetuates its tradition around Saint Vincent, patron saint of winegrowers.


It was in Chambolle-Musigny that the first St Vincent Tournante took place in 1938. This village would then host it in 1954 and 1979.

Morey-Saint-Denis received this celebration from the Societies de Secours Mutuel in 1952, then in 1973, offering for the first time the tasting of wines in a glass engraved especially for the Saint-Vincent Tournante, an idea that still persists today!

Our two villages, which once fought "the war of the buttons", have never been so close to make this 80th St Vincent Tournante a success.

This 2024 vintage is the sprawling work of hundreds of volunteers; it is also the conviviality, the sharing and the cohesion of women and men ready to highlight our two magnificent villages, rich in history, but also our terroirs and our wines around the Arts!



A work of art and the making of a vintage follow the same path; A winemaker takes care of his vines and his wine as an artist works his work: with observation, finesse, patience and creation.

Come and discover our local artists and, accompanied by music and photography, you will stroll through our two villages with the desire to cultivate yourself through sculpture and dance, cinema, singing, literature, poetry and painting! 

This weekend, Art invites itself into our vineyards….and into your glasses!
We are all waiting for you for these unforgettable moments of sharing.

Myriam HUELIN et Laurent LIGNIER
Co-Presidents of the Saint Vincent Tournante of Morey-Saint-Denis and Chambolle-Musigny