To taste the wines of the Saint-Vincent Tournante 2024, you will need to bring a “ kit de dégustation » qui comprend :

  • a glass unique and unique specially designed for the event, and engraved with the Saint Vincent 2024 logo,
  • a free -hand glass holder .
  • a booklet, in which you will find a map of the different sites of the event and all the information useful for its smooth running,
  • 8 tickets which will allow you to taste the wines in the different cellars. The appellations to taste will be:
    • Cuvée de la Saint-Vincent,
    • Appellation régionale,
    • Morey-Saint-Denis and Chambolle-Musigny village appellation,
    • Premier cru appellation Morey-Saint-Denis and Chambolle-Musigny.
Un « child kit » sans alcool ,destiné aux enfants et aux adultes qui le souhaitent, est également disponible. Il comprend :
  • an organic cotton bag
  • a EcoCup glass
  • 3 tickets entitling you to a cake and two drinks in the children’s cellars
  • an investigation book for treasure hunting
  • other surprises